Animal Care & Control

Our Mission

The City of Bristol, Virginia’s Animal Control Department has been caring for and finding homes for the City of Bristol’s homeless dogs and cats for over 30 years.

Bristol Animal Care and Control’s mission is to provide services which safeguard public health and safety, educate citizens on responsible pet ownership and protect our community’s animals from cruelty and neglect. To provide temporary shelter, humanely care for and provide placement or humane resolution for the animals in its care.

We work hard to put good animals in good homes as well as protecting every member of our community. Thanks to a wonderful staff, a strong positive relationship with our city administration and community we are able to do the following and more:

  • Help reduce overpopulation of homeless animals through spay/neuter contract upon adoption. 
  • Rescue abused and neglected animals and teach responsible pet care.
  • Educate youth and adults in the value of all life and how to be kind and responsible with animals both offsite in classrooms and tours of the shelter.
  • Place good animals in new loving homes.

Bristol VA Animal Shelter

Animal Care & Control Public Animal Shelter

In April 2019 we opened a new Animal Shelter and Adoption Center. Our current building is 2,200 square feet and includes the following:

  • 14 dog holding areas including an isolation area
  • 16 cat holding areas including an isolation area
  • Food Preparation room
  • Examining/Grooming room
  • Laundry room
  • General storage room
  • Food Storage room
  • Clinic room
  • 1 office

Please visit our Facebook page for pictures of our adoptable animals and other great information about our city's animals!