The Engineering Division deals with stormwater management, traffic issues, capital improvement projects, private development projects, work in the right of way, and abandonment of public right of way.

Plans, Reviews, Fees

The department is responsible for the review and approval of site plans for development for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential developments. Engineering performs inspection work on these developments to ensure compliance with the statutes and regulations of the city and the Commonwealth of Virginia.
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Stormwater Management

Engineering is responsible for overseeing construction stormwater management, as well as providing periodic inspection of permanent stormwater management, eliminating illicit discharge detection and elimination, and following the requirements of the city’s stormwater permit from the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Traffic Issues

The department provides engineering support for traffic signal / sign installation and maintenance. This includes reviewing sight visibility concerns, developing and/or reviews of temporary traffic control, and overseeing the traffic calming process.
Land Disturbing Permit

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Grading Permits are required on almost all Land Disturbance in the City. Please check with City's Engineering Division to verify whether your project requires this permit. Other permits may also apply depending upon the location and nature of the grading to be done.
Driveway / Entrance Permit

Whenever a new driveway or entrance is constructed in the city where connection is made to a public street or right of way, a private driveway or entrance permit is required by the City Code. These permits cost $25 to the property owner, and must be secured prior to construction in order to permit Engineering to determine the site-specific requirements for the permit.
Work in Right of Way Permit

A Work in the Right-of-Way Permit is required for work performed in the right of way by utility contractors, general contractors, or members of the public. In addition, a performance and indemnity bond or liability insurance policy for the proposed work must be secured. There is a fee of $150 for each permit issued.
Alley & Right of Way Closures

Engineering oversees the process for abandoning an unimproved streets or alleys. Please contact our office with any questions you may have regarding closure of Public Right-of-Way.

Downloadable Documents and Sample Permits