Street Maintenance

Requests and Concerns

Reporting a Concern

The Street Maintenance Division is primarily charged with the responsibility for maintenance of the City’s streets, sidewalks, storm sewer system, and other basic infrastructure. Additional duties include pavement marking, sign fabrication, traffic control for special events, sweeping the streets, and snow/ice removal.

While the City has established routine maintenance programs and plans, we also need your help in reporting problems you see. The citizen who drives a street daily or lives on it is the best monitor of the condition of the street. Below is a list of the most common items reported.

Commonly Reported Issues

  • Pavement maintenance – Upcoming paving schedule, broken pavement, potholes, sinkholes, pavement markings
  • Sidewalk maintenance - Broken / uneven sidewalk, spalling, ADA Compliant
  • Guardrail maintenance - Damaged or missing guardrail, or a request for guardrail
  • Drainage – Flooding, ditches need cleaning, inlets covered, request for pipe
  • Trees in right of way – Removal, traffic hazard, dead / dying, sight distance problem
  • Sign maintenance - Sign missing, damaged / leaning, or illegible
  • Street sweeping - Request for street sweeping
  • Snow Removal
If you need to report a concern or have a question, please call (276) 645-7360.