When Service Is Not Provided

If any of the following conditions apply:
  • The property owner, owners or their designee evict and remove the belongings of another.
  • Occupants have vacated the premise and set out their belongings.
  • Foreclosed properties.
  • Bank-owned properties.
  • Properties being renovated or cleaned out to be resold or auctioned off.
  • Property owner is not paying the current sanitation fees on their monthly utility bill.
  • House is vacant.
It shall be the responsibility of the landlord, real estate company, bank, auction company, and/or new owner to clean up and remove such materials and to dispose of properly.

Special arrangements may be made to collect and dispose of said materials for a deposit of $86.15 ($50.00 plus a minimum of one ton disposal fee of $36.15) is required before any materials will be picked up. Scheduling of special pick-ups will be as time allows. All daily collection activities will take priority.