Yard Waste and Brush


Yard waste includes: trimmings from plants, pruning, and other discarded materials from yards and gardens. Brush includes trees, branches and bushes.


Yard waste and brush will be collected weekly on the same day as your scheduled household garbage. During Spring and Fall, volumes may exceed daily allotments and may cause delays as much as one (1) week.


Yard waste and brush should be placed behind the curb or at the property line.DO NOT place yard waste and/or brush in the street or under overhead power lines.

How Prepared

Minor piles of yard trimmings, plant prunings and garden waste may be placed in the City’s roll-out containers as long as it does not cause the waste to be lodged or protrudes as to keep the lid from closing. Containers must be properly closed. Large piles of brush should be placed in an orderly fashion with lengths not to exceed 6’ long and 24” in diameter. Pile size should not exceed 8’ x 8’ x 6’ (about the size of a small compact car). Excess brush shall be held until collection day the following week. Root balls shall be cleared of all dirt, rocks and protruding limbs.

DO NOT mix other materials with brush, which will cause contamination (trash or other building materials), as brush is brought to the landfill and ground for mulch.

There will be NO pick-up if materials are generated from land clearing activities. The person receiving the fees for the work or the home owner(s) shall be responsible for the disposal of such materials. No brush or yard trimmings will be collected from any property or vacant lot not paying sanitation fees on their monthly utility bill.