Bristol Virginia Planning Commission

§8.04 City Planning Commission

There shall be a city planning commission consisting of seven members, one of whom shall be a member of the city council selected by the council for a term coincident with his term on the council, one of whom shall be chosen by the council for an indefinite term and the remaining members shall be citizens appointed by the council for four-year terms. All citizens of the City of Bristol, Virginia, owning real property shall be eligible for appointment to the planning commission. All appointees shall take the oath of office before entering into their duties. Other than the councilmanic and employee appointees, each appointee shall be eligible for only two consecutive terms. 

The planning commission's duties shall be to: 

  •  Exercise general supervision of and make regulations for the administration of its affairs; 
  •  Prescribe rules about its investigations and hearings;
  •  Supervise its physical affairs and responsibilities under rules and regulations as prescribed by the governing body; 
  •  Keep a complete record of its proceedings and be responsible for the custody and preservation of its papers and documents; 
  •  Make recommendations and an annual report to the governing body concerning the operation of the commission and the status of  planning within its jurisdiction; 
  •  Prepare, publish, and distribute reports, ordinances, and other material relating to its activities; 
  •  Prepare and submit an annual budget estimate in the manner prescribed by the city council; 
  •  Review, amend and recommend a comprehensive city plan to the city council as provided for by state law and this charter and  amendments to it as needed; 
  •  Exercise such authority and perform such duties relative to zoning, subdivisions, and other matters related to development within the  City of Bristol, Virginia, as are provided for in the respective ordinances provided by the same city council; and 
  •  Perform other duties that the council may occasionally assign to the planning commission. 

The planning commission shall be staffed by the director of the department of planning and employees of that department until and unless the council shall provide for a separate staff for the planning commission by ordinance. With the city manager's approval, the planning commission may call upon the heads of other departments for staff functions as needed.
 (Acts 1996, Ch. 678, § 1)

Regular Board Meetings:

Third Monday of each month beginning at 12:00 P.M.

Regular Meeting Location:

Bristol Virginia City Hall - Council Chambers, Bristol VA 24201

Planning Commission Members:

Paul Conco

Bill Hartley

Jacob Holmes

Kalen Hunter

Susan Long

Kristie McElheny

Daniel Shew