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Voting Precinct Locations

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Notice of Voting Precinct Changes

Now in effect for all elections:

If you previously voted at Stonewall School, you now vote at First Freewill Church Activity Building located at 1741 Euclid Avenue; located at the corner of Vance Street and Euclid Avenue.

Highland View Voters now vote at City Hall, 300 Lee Street in the Council Chambers.

Due to a precinct line adjustment,voters residing in the area of East State Street and East Mary Street extending to the east side of Moore Street will now vote at City Hall Precinct instead of Virginia High. View the specific street and address ranges that moved.

ALL affected voters should now have A NEW VOTER CARD with the precinct name and address printed on it.Please contact the voter registration office at 276-645-7318 if you have any questions.

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Voting Precincts:

Precinct 1: First Free Will Church Activity Building
1741 Euclid Avenue (corner of Vance and Euclid)

Precinct2: Virginia High School
                 1200 Long Crescent

Precinct 3: City Hall
300 Lee Street

Precinct 4: Van Pelt Elementary
200 Spring Hill Terrace