As a visitor to Sugar Hollow Park, you must follow certain rules to protect the, forest, wet lands, and to ensure your enjoyment, health, and safety. Visitors found in violation of rules below may face removal from the facilities, and the possibility of legal action.


1. Check out time is by 3pm
2. Adults must supervise youth & children. No one under 18 years of age may rent a site
3. No alcoholic beverages allowed in campground
4. Pets must be leashed (max. 6 ft.). Owners are solely responsible for them. Pet waste is to be picked up immediately by owner. Disturbance of neighboring guests by pets not tolerated.
5. The cutting of trees or shrubs is not allowed.
6. Fires are to be built in designated areas only
7. All trash must be disposed of in provided receptacles
8. The Park Ranger has the authority to terminate, with cause, any occupancy
9. Firearms or explosives are not permitted in the park
10. Motorbikes or scooters are not permitted on campground roads except to access site
11. Park is not responsible for lost or stolen items
12. Park is not responsible for damage to vehicles or camping units due to falling limbs
13. Campground is intended for recreational use only
14. Camping equipment must be safe. No makeshift campers or equipment is allowed
15. In order to register you must provide a photo ID with a permanent address. Length of stay is limited to 5 consecutive days. Possible re-up for another 5 if approved. Camp site cannot be used to serve as a permanent residence. Only the guests registering will be allowed to occupy the site
16. No loud or excessive noises will be tolerated
17. Camping equipment cannot be left unattended for more than 24 hours without Park Ranger's permission
18. Quiet hours from 10pm - 8am. Generator use-no greater than 3 hours from 8am - 10pm.
19. Police- If the police are called on behalf of any camper, Sugar Hollow Campground has the authority to require those campers to leave the campground immediately.
20. Violators of the rules and regulations can be requested to leave without a refund.
21. The Camping Season is from the first week before the Spring Bristol Race(usually in March), until the last weekend in October.

                                                            Sugar Hollow Rules for FIRE

1. No open fires! Fires in fire rings and grills only.
2. Do not put cans, bottles, plastic, food, or rocks in grills.
3. Do not start fires with gasoline or camping fuel. Keep flammable materials away from grills.
5. Be sure your fire is completely extinguished before leaving your site or going to sleep at night.



 Management reserves the right to make necessary changes in the rules and regulations to be in the best interest of the campground. Anyone refusing to abide by the rules and regulations or creating a disturbance will be asked to leave without refund. Sugar Hollow Campground assumes no responsibility for the health or safety of the Recreational Campers, their families, or guest. All activities within the campground shall be deemed at one's own risk. These activities shall include, but are not limited to hiking, biking, using playground equipment, and/or participating in any other recreational activity.