Physically Challenged


The City of Bristol, Virginia offers service to the physically challenged. Physically challenged will be defined as anyone who is temporarily or permanently disabled, where no other person(s) living in the household is capable of taking waste to property lines for collections. Resident households cannot generate over 35 gallons of trash per week. Collection crews will come on to the property and pick-up your waste from designated area.

How to Apply

1. Call the Public Work Collection Division at 276-645-7380 and schedule an appointment.
2.A City representative will come to your residence with the appropriate forms (i.e., policy, application/agreement for service, physician’s certification, and liability waiver).
3. All completed forms are to be returned to the Public Works Collection Division for review by the Director. All questions must be answered and signed or paperwork will be returned and voided.
4. The Collections Office will contact you with the status of your application in a timely manner.

How to Prepare Waste

The City of Bristol, Virginia will provide 35-gallon containers for this service. All waste must be BAGGED and placed in container. No loose waste will be picked up in or around containers (i.e., boxes, bulk or bags). This service is for household waste only. All other waste must be placed at the property line or curb.