Deferred Payment Plan Guidelines


Re: Deferred Payment Plan Guidelines and Procedures for Court Costs, Fines and Restitution Owed in Circuit Court

Each defendant is given a time to pay plan if court costs, fines and/or restitution are not paid in full upon sentencing.

If a defendant should default on the payment plan given upon sentencing, the following remedies are available:

  1. The defendant may apply for a second payment plan. To apply, the defendant must complete the paperwork provided by the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office in its entirety and make a payment of no less than $50.00 per each account owed. The Clerk of Court or her designee shall review the application and accept or deny the application based upon the defendant’s eligibility.
  2. The court will allow a maximum of two payment plans per account per defendant. If ineligible for a new payment agreement, the defendant may petition the Court for a restricted license through the DMV drive-to-work program if employed, for the purpose of license reinstatement.
  3. Upon defaulting on the second payment plan, the matter will be reduced to a civil judgment and turned over to collections.
All fines, costs and restitution ordered to be paid will be docketed as judgments in the Judgment Lien Docket.

All restitution is to be paid first, unless otherwise directed by the Court. Once restitution, if any is due, is satisfied, subsequent payment are to be applied to fines and court costs.