Historic District Preservation Award


The Historic District Preservation Award Committee for the City of Bristol, Virginia invites nominations for the Historic District Preservation Award. The purpose of the award program is to encourage excellence in preservation, and thereby decrease blight in our city by recognizing and honoring property owners and developers who engage in high-quality preservation projects within our historic districts.


Public and private properties located in all five historic districts in the City of Bristol, Virginia are eligible to be considered for the Historic District Preservation Award. The historic districts are the Euclid Avenue Historic District, Solar Hill Historic District, Virginia Hill Historic District, Bristol Warehouse Historic District, and the Bristol Downtown Commercial Historic District. Please refer to the map for boundaries in each district.

Evaluation Criteria:

Nominations will be evaluated on the basis of one or more of the following:

•Sustainable effort to advance the preservation of Bristol’s historic assets through restoration and maintenance projects

•Enduring contribution to the legacy and fabric of Bristol’s historic districts through the development of sympathetic and appropriate new buildings and spaces

•Positive investment in Bristol’s historic districts through beautification projects, consistent and caring maintenance efforts, and/or promotion of preservation activities


Each nomination packet must include the following:

•A completed Nomination Form (see attached)

•One-page typed statement describing the property being nominated. Include a description of any renovation/maintenance projects on the property, if applicable.

•Description of the property’s overall contribution to historic preservation.

•Four (4) to eight (8) photographs, printed or on digital media (USB flash drive or CD), unless submitting online. Before and after photos should be included, if available.

•Nominations may include copies of any related publications and photos, including news clippings and other supplementary data.

NOTE: When nominating online, please follow the instructions given for electronic nomination.


Nomination packets can be submitted online, mailed, or hand delivered. Nominations must be received no later than March 31st.

•Submitting by US Mail or In Person:

Please see instructions at bottom of nomination form.

•Submission via email or online form:

Nomination link available here.

Download Nomination Form

The Historic District Preservation Award Committee reserves the right to limit the number of awards. Questions may be directed to the City of Bristol, Virginia, Community & Economic Development Department, 300 Lee St. Bristol, VA 24201.

Nomination packets will not be returned. All nomination materials, including photographs, become the property of the City of Bristol, VA and the Historic District Preservation Committee. Materials may be reproduced by the City of Bristol, Virginia and its partners without additional explicit permission.