Mission Statement


Bristol Fire Department

Mission, Vision, and Code of Ethics


Mission Statement

The mission of the Bristol Fire Department is the protection of lives, property, and the environment from natural and man-made disasters.


Vision Statement

The vision of the Bristol Fire Department is to:

Earn the public trust by setting a standard of excellence.

Attract and retain the best employees through career development and education.

Develop an in-depth knowledge of our stakeholder groups.

Provide outstanding service in all aspects of our job.

Be fiscally responsible with public resources through strategic planning.

Continually seek more effective and efficient ways to succeed at our mission.

Support the local economy by attracting businesses and residents by achieving the lowest possible ISO rating.

Code of Ethics

Duties shall be performed with professionalism, respect, and competence.

Always practice an honest and respectful use of public resources.

All conduct should project a positive image of the individual and the department.

Constructive change and diversity of ideas are positive and shall be supported.

Be honest at all times, in all matters.

Avoid any activities which may compromise our ability to perform our duties or create a conflict of interest or the appearance thereof.

Threats, harassment and any other form of intimidation shall not be tolerated, as failure to resolve or report these acts is the same as condoning them.