Bristol Virginia Fire Department Transporting Patients as of August 13, 2018.

Station 1 is home to the Department's new ambulance, a 2009 Horton International Dura Star Type I Medium Duty ALS ambulance. Our Department is proud to provide this additional level of service and improved response times to the citizens of Bristol, Virginia. 

The Department is proud to welcome two new firefighters, Greg Osborne and Logan Franklin.

Promotional Ceremony

On Thursday, November 16th, 2017, the City of Bristol, Virginia Fire Department was proud to hold a promotion ceremony to honor several members of the Fire Department as well as to recognize the retirement of Battalion Chief Daryl Loudy. Sergeant Chase Carrier was also recognized for his service to the Department. Friends and family of Fire Department members were welcomed to attend the ceremony and a reception afterward. Speakers at the ceremony included Battalion Chief Brian Witcher, Fire Chief Mike Armstrong, and City Manager Randy Eads. Sergeant Chase Carrier delivered welcoming and closing invocations. The following members of the Fire Department received promotions: 

Battalion Chief Mike Wise

Captain Jay Gouge 

Lieutenant Robert Anderson

Lieutenant Brandon Moore

Lieutenant Gary Russell

Sergeant Josh Wilkinson

Sergeant Bradley McQueen

Sergeant Tyler Wright

Sergeant Todd Gentry

Sergeant Jack (Aaron) Musgrove

Below is a slideshow of the ceremony


  • Bristol Virginia Fire Department would like to welcome Firefighters Greg Osborne and Logan Franklin to our department.
  • Congratulations to Mike Wise, Jay Gouge, Gary Russell and Aaron Musgrove on their recent promotions
  • Congratulations to Bristol Fire Dept for receiving an AFG award for $257,143 to replace their Air packs