Bristol Virginia Fire Department news

Bristol Virginia fire Department to begin hydrant maintenance. 

Beginning in August of 2021 members of the Bristol Virginia Fire Department along with BVU will be out in the community maintaining and servicing hydrants throughout the city. As part of maintaining these hydrants they will have debris removed from around the area of the hydrant to make it visible at night and in adverse weather conditions. Hydrants could possibly be turned on to check for proper function. Checking these functions could possibly discolor your water, if this happens please turn on your water faucets and let them run until your water clears up. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.


Bristol Virginia Fire Department Transporting Patients as of August 13, 2018.

Station 1 is home to the Department’s new ambulance, a 2009 Horton International Dura Star Type I Medium Duty ALS ambulance. Our Department is proud to provide this additional level of service and improved response times to the citizens of Bristol, Virginia.