EMS Division

To keep up with the pace of the growing city and the ever-increasing demand for emergency medical services (EMS), all Bristol Virginia Fire Department firefighters are cross trained as EMT's. This means that firefighters have the ability to perform skills that greatly increase the chance of survival for someone in an emergency situation. Every firefighter on the department is required to at least hold the certification of EMT-B, which means that they have the ability to perform basic life support skills. Several firefighters hold higher levels of certification such as EMT-I or EMT-P, meaning that they have the ability to perform advanced life support skills. These certifications require several hours of recertification each year. 

In addition to fire suppression, our department now has the ability to transport patients in our downtown district and, if needed, throughout the city to keep up with ever-increasing demand. Below is a list of people who work daily to make sure the EMS division provides superior customer service and excellent patient care.  

Dr. Michael Fleenor – Senior EMS Advisor Email mike.fleenor@bristolva.org

Sergeant/EMT-P Josh Wilkinson –EMS Co-Coordinator - EMS Training Officer/EMS Supply Officer Email joshua.wilkinson@bristolva.org

Sergeant/EMT-P Janet Evans – EMS Co-Coordinator Email janet.evans@bristolva.org