Educational Resources

Governmental Sites:

Department of Environmental Quality Data Hub

This site is aimed at increasing public outreach, involvement, and transparency while at the same time facilitating direct access to spatial and non-spatial environmental data of the Commonwealth of Virginia for citizens and stakeholders.

Pollution Incident Report (PREP) Lookup Tool

FEMA Flood Map Service Center: Search by Address

The National Flood Insurance Program

National Water Quality Monitoring Council - Working Together for Clean Water

Educational Videos:

How Erosion Affects Streams

How Pet Waste Affects Streams

How Yard Waste Affects Streams

How Litter and Trash Affects Streams

How Vehicle Maintenance Affects Streams

Freddy the Fish Teaches About Stormwater

The 100 Year Flood is Not What You Think it is (Maybe)

What Causes Sinkholes?

How Do Sinkholes Form?

How much do your dogs DUMP into the backyard?