Transit - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I figure out what route I need to use, and when and where to catch the bus?

A: Our fixed route bus schedule with time stops can be found here: If you need more detailed information on routes and stops, please call (276) 645-7384 or email for personalized assistance. 


Q: Why isn’t every stop listed in the route schedule?

A: Bristol Virginia Transit has many stops throughout the City. Listing each stop on the route schedule would make the route schedule very complex. Our staff is happy to assist you in determining where and when to catch the bus. Please call (276) 645-7384 or email for personalized assistance. 


Q: How much does it cost to ride the bus?

A: Bristol Virginia Transit’s rates can be found here:


Q: Can I pay bus fare with my debit card? 

No. Bus fare must be paid in cash.


Q: Can bus operators make change on the bus?

A: No. Bus fare must be paid in exact change. 


Q: What identification do seniors over 65, persons with disabilities, or Medicare cardholders need to provide for Discounted Fare?

A:  Examples of proof of eligibility include a driver’s license, Medicare card, special identification card, and ADA eligibility card. More than one piece of identification may be required for determining age or disability-related qualifications. A grantee may require passengers to obtain a special

Q: Can children ride free?

A: Children under 6 years old ride for free. 


Q: Can I bring a pet on any of your transit services?

A: No. Pets are not permitted on Bristol Virginia Transit vehicles. 


Q: Can I bring a service animal on any of your transit services?

A: Yes. Service animals are welcome on Bristol Virginia Transit vehicles to accompany individuals with disabilities. DOT ADA regulations at 49 C.F.R. Section 37.3 define a service animal as an animal “individually trained to work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.” 


Q: Can I bring a comfort animal on any of your transit services?

A: No. If an animal’s only function is to provide emotional support or comfort for the rider, that animal would not fall under the regulatory training-based definition of a service animal. Simply providing comfort is something that animal does passively, by its nature or through the perception of the owner. 


Q: How can I compliment a driver or leave a suggestion or complaint?

A: Please fill out our online form HERE to leave a comment, complaint, or suggestion. 


Q: Does bus service operate the same level of service on holidays as listed on regular weekdays?

A: No. Bristol Virginia Transit does not run on City holidays. A list of holidays observed by the City of Bristol Virginia can be found here:


Q: How does Bristol Virginia Transit inform its customers of service interruptions due to weather, detours, etc.?

A: Follow Bristol Virginia Transit on Facebook for updates on service interruptions. 

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