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Bristol Virginia Adopt-A-Street

The program is open to individuals, organizations, or businesses to "adopt" a street.

 Applicants’ responsibilities include:

  • Select an area you are interested in cleaning
  • Fill out and return the Adopt-A-Street Agreement Form
  • Agree to keep the selected area cleared of litter for at least one year
  • Maintain your adopted area 
  • Fill out the Adopt-a-Street Activity Report each time you clean your adopted street

The City of Bristol, VA wants to reward your organization for helping keep Bristol clean.

  • After completing 10 (ten) documented cleanups, we will recognize your organization with a custom Adopt-A-Street Sign with your organization's name  
    • The sign will be installed in the selected area where you have been working
  • We will also list your name on our website with other accomplished “neighborhood stars” and volunteers