Projects Requiring a Permit

A Building Permit is required for any new construction, enlargement or major renovation of a structure within the City including but not limited to the following:

  • New residential, commercial, industrial, or public building construction
  • The creation of new dwelling units in existing buildings, or major rehabilitation of existing units
  • Additions to existing buildings, including new kitchens, bathrooms, porches, patios, or decks
  • Structural alteration of existing buildings
  • Installations of new solid fuel burning equipment and chimneys
  • Swimming pools, either in-ground or above ground, that are greater than 150 square feet in surface area, 5,000 gallons or greater of water capacity and 24 inches or greater in depth
  • Fences that are part of a barrier for a swimming pool and retaining walls greater than four feet in height measured from the bottom of the footing
  • Garages and carports
  • Storage and utility buildings that exceed 256 square feet in area (Note: Building placement on a lot must comply with Zoning Ordinance setback requirements regardless of structure size.)
  • The change of use of existing buildings, whether or not alterations are required
  • The replacement of interior or exterior utilities (i.e., water lines, sewer lines, electrical services, etc.)

Note: Ordinary repairs do not require a permit.

For More Information

If you have any questions or would like more details, please contact the building official, Michael Johnston (276) 821-6091.