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Jan 13

Response to Virginia Office of the Attorney General Lawsuit

Posted on January 13, 2023 at 6:44 PM by Joey Lamie

The City of Bristol welcomes the opportunity to accomplish its landfill remediation objectives in cooperation with the Virginia Office of the Attorney General (OAG) and Department of Environmental Quality, and the City of Bristol has insisted that a Virginia court case is a necessary and important procedural step. It will provide the opportunity for public notice that we hope will give the public confidence in our remediation work at the landfill. 

Long before today’s filing, Bristol VA began an unprecedented construction effort on the rock quarry landfill to remediate odors, including:

  • Construction of a sidewall odor mitigation system that will run the entirety of the rock quarry landfill;
  • Upgrades of the wells and pumps within the landfill;
  • Implementation of additional cover over the waste;
  • Intensive mapping and measurement of the landfill;
  • And the ultimate installation of a cover. 

This lawsuit provides an opportunity for the parties to reach an agreement on a consent decree that will resolve outstanding issues with the Commonwealth’s regulators and place Bristol’s landfill remediation efforts and timeline into a court order.   

The landfills owned by Bristol VA are longstanding and for years accepted waste from Bristol VA, Bristol TN, and the surrounding communities.  Bristol VA greatly appreciates the amount of time and effort Virginia OAG & DEQ have put into helping us identify necessary remediation efforts and achievable timelines that will best serve the citizens of our community. We are fully committed to addressing and resolving challenges at the Bristol quarry landfill in an environmentally sound manner.